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Cameron Zion


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Illness/ When we learn we grow My Fibromyalgia "cure"

By: Cameron Zion
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It's been a year now since my life was brought to an abrupt stop due to Fibromyalgia.At first I went nearly mad. I thought I was such a grounded follower of Rastafari haha. I ate only a raw diet and trail run daily after working as a carpenter. Then I found myself in an empty apartment unable to walk or open anything because my hands had no strength and would become locked up. I thought I had been humbled enough by life and was trying my best to learn from this. In the fall my best friend was in a "fatal" car crash and I handled it well until months later as I felt everything was falling around me. It took some to time to get back to myself but upon arriving I have realized the beautiful gift I have been given. Regardless of spiritualenlightenmentI cannever believe that I am right because I am only a sheep haha. Jah knows what's best for me, better than I ever will. Also that Jah will meet us halfway but we have to put in the work as well. I am now back to working full-time doing hard labor. My faith has grown ever stronger and with a combination of 5-HTP (griffonia bean extract), Potassium Chelate, B-Complex, Vitamin D, no tobacco, no alcohol and peace of mind I am able to function daily. I'm no longer running 10-20 miles a day, but unless you're on the run I don't know how necessary that is. I have found that anyone can have faith in the past. But true faith acknowledges the present and believes in the future. We are all family and one energy and there is no need to look behind us for tomorrow is a better day. There is enough love in this world that no one should ever have to feel alone. The gifts that this universe gives us can only be seen if we can look past ourselves, It is truly a beautiful day today and I hope that you all can see it. We never lose our loved ones if we never lose ourselves. We only lose what we chose not to keep. If we listen we find that nothing ever leaves. To quote my brother Ed Jones

"When our bodies die I imagine a rain drop, this tiny drop that is us. Falling back into the ocean."

May you have a blessed day, Haile Bless! - Cameron

P.S. My spiritual beliefsencompass all religions and beliefs. Jah has many names and faces and we all called in different ways,as we are all different people. Siblings never see their father the same :) More love.

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