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Cameron Zion


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We All Must Find Our Way, Our Own Way

user image 2012-04-28
By: Cameron Zion
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This life has definitely be a full journey so far and I am grateful for all of my experiences and enlightenment. I can now see that no matter what we call the higher-power in this life, we all feel the same universal love. No two people see anything exactly the same. So we must all find what works for ourselves as individuals, and keep others thoughts separate from our own. Two people watching a sunset will witness something entirely different, but it's still the sun setting. People seem to be so concerned with those around them and what they choose. If we love ourselves unconditionally we are able to provide the same to those around us. We are all family, any species starts with two. We contain the same energy the same life-force, and it is easily forgotten. The only race that we should keep in mind is the human-race. I hope that you all may find serenity and peace in this life, in whichever way you are able. May you feel the beauty in the day, for not all of us may see it. Jah Bless. - Cameron

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