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Cameron Zion


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25 Mystery Diagnosis - Severe Epilepsy - Find Cure Not Comfort More Love Fam!

user image 2014-04-30
By: Cameron Zion
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I joined this site about four years ago. I began my search for a cure to my decreasing physical condition and was pulled to Rastafari. It wasn't until I was married that my wife realized there is more going on than anyone believed. This past winter it left me completely debilitated and no longer lucid. In a wheelchair with my wife taking care of myself, our eight month old son and four year old daughter. It is a part of my path, a most humbling path and I'm blessed with every breath. 25 years is a long time to hold onto faith for an answer. There were times I contemplated liberating my soul from my body. Just needed some relief and medical grade herb makes me seize. It wasn't until discovering CBD and realizing the truth of "The Healing of the Nation". Natural herb, medicine not drugs, cure not comfort. Listen and love your children it's the love they need. All the money in the world cannot buy health, love or life. Heaven is here humble your ego and never stop moving forward. Never blame them for not being as spiritually developed. Always find love your soul is eternal. Everyday in every way we're getting better and better.

Haile Bless,
Cameron Zion

Cameron Zion
05/07/14 12:42:03PM @cameron-zion:
Thank you Soaring Eagle. It's truly a blessing they told us I was terminal before finding a Neurologist in New Orleans. Prayers for happiness and healing. More love.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/30/14 01:56:31PM @soaring-eagle:

gladu figured out what was wrong and found something that worked for u i know several ppl living with unknown disabling conditions and still have no idea whats wrong

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