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Beginning of September update (:

By: brittany leigh
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My hair is still beautiful. I put in three new beads [[to help with sectioning a little bit], there is one I am worried the bead is too big for the chunk of hair. I might lose that one, but that's alright.

I am coming up on 5 months since my first backcombed dread...

It is fairly solid, still some loose hairs, and it has a big loop and a small loop.

Around 3 months since my second backcombed dread...

Becoming more solid and thick around the bottom half, top half is thinner and slightly solid. Lots of loose hairs, no loops yet.

About 3 months since I stopped brushing my hair [[picture coming soon].

It is very wavy, frizzy, wild, and crazy. I'm loving every minute of it.A few more sections are starting to really tangle up around the lower half of the "dread". The underneath of my hair is still very smooth and with hardly any knots.

I was in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania over the weekend for my mom's birthday. I saw a girl with the most amazing dreadlocks selling flowers at a street market. I never saw a girl with dreads in real life before this moment. Actually, the only people I have seen in life with dreads are two African American guys that shop where I work, and I only saw them once or twice. So this was quite neat for me. Ha.

I'm really excited and a little worried at this point. I love seeing my hair change over time on its own, I love seeing it do what it wants to. I also love not having to do anything with it ever. It's just gorgeous. But I am a little worried about my sections. Only some are distinguished. I don't really have anyone to help me section my hair a little better. I'm just worried about congos. But my hair is taking a long time to get tangly, so I guess I probably still have plenty of time before that is a problem.

Thats about it for now. Hopefully I don't forget to take a 3 month picture.

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