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Washing with Dr. Bronners Peppermint Stinky Hair

user image 2013-04-15
By: Blue Rayne
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This soap seems to be making my hair greasy and stinky. Also my backcombed dreads are on day 6 of their life and today they started coming loose HELP!

04/16/13 09:32:05AM @jazzymomma:

yea sounds like hard water try

and i use bonners as well but working very well not sticky or anything so must be water type thats wats up. and the loose is good tho an eventually fuse in with rest i just grab it an twurl it gently round closest dread it be fine:D gonna get real messy before looks like dreads hun just all part of it embrace the phases an changes ull thank urself later wen u got amazing beaut dreads peace an luv hun:D trust me lol

Blue Rayne
04/16/13 12:30:47AM @blue-rayne:

Baba Thank you for that analogy - I can totally see what you are saying. Also k8ekate, thank you too for the suggestion of calling Denver Water. I am pretty sure it must be hard water because, as was mentioned - no suds for me. Is there a clarifying shampoo I can get from Walgreens that may work better than the soda / acv route?

Baba Fats
04/15/13 05:27:39PM @baba-fats:

Dr. Bronners is a castile soap. Castile soaps leave huge amounts of residue if you have hard water. All of Co. has hard water. Some places harder than others. You're on the line of hard to extremely hard. That's most likely why your hair feels greasy after washing it. Baking soda would also not work in hard water. You could get a water softener showerhead, or use distilled water, but that can be a pain or expensive. Your best bet really would be to get the soaps from They are designed to work in hard and soft water.

As for them coming loose, they should. You're only 6 days in. Mature locks take about a year, on average, to form. They will untangle and retangle over and over again for the next ~6 months. The 4th months tends to be the messiest for most people. Then they start to come together and hold their knots more permanently.

It just takes time. Imagine a person growing. 6 day old locks are equivalent to a person still being a collection of individual cells in the womb, not yet sure what they will form into first.

04/15/13 05:14:30PM @naturaldreads01:

Hmm, you could be getting a buildup from it, because in the right types of water, dr.bronners causes a residue. Personally, I love the Dreadlockshampoo and wouldrecommendit to anyone who hasn't tried it yet.

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