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intro list of my mods and ramblings

The-Pygmy Page
07/24/12 12:43:07AM
So I go by Pygmy well because I am 5 ft tall and modified. I have both my first and second lobe holes stretched . The first are 1 n 1/4 in I hope to someday have 2 inch the seconds were 4 g .I have my septum stretched to a 2 g.( I do it fast it was horrible I do not suggest it) I have 4 lip rings one I pierced myself . A Monroe on top and a Medusa lasbret on bottom and side lip. Opposite fro the top.I had never seen it done like mine. My belly button and nipples .I pieced my tongue by myself 3 times.I hope to preggo do my bridge .I love body mods and I m learning to tsattoo so I hope I am always surrounded by people who enjoy them as much as I do
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