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Separating tutorial Part 2

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03/24/13 07:49:14PM @dreadykat:

Thanks for the tutorial. I've been unsure before if if I was over or under ripping my dreads.

Baba Fats
12/10/12 06:38:55PM @baba-fats:

Did you try to separate when wet? Most people say it hurts less when your hair is damp. I have a high tolerance for pain, so I don't feel it when I separate. I even like the ripping sound.

You could always try to dab some jojoba oil on the areas that need separating. Massage it in and then rip. It'll separate easier hen it's all oiled up

Baba Fats
12/10/12 06:17:06PM @baba-fats:

If you do nothing, they will eventually start to grow out as 1 massive lock. Just rip them apart until they don't easily rip anymore. This will hold you over for a few weeks or more. Then rip again if they need it. It's not a 1 time fix. You need to keep up on it. But you don't usually need to worry about separating them that often. And as they mature, you will need to separate less and less often. I might separate mine 2-3 times a year

12/06/12 10:27:03PM @jazzymomma:

sweet thanks for the help its my first from starting mime in september...:)

Baba Fats
10/25/12 05:29:56PM @baba-fats:


I love that I have just as many super short ones as I do super long ones. Just goes to show you that new growth and loose hairs do form their own locks, and that you shouldn't mess with them

Kylan Andrews
10/25/12 04:49:57PM @kylan-andrews:

I love your dreads Baba they are next level man

10/16/12 01:08:58AM @heather:

thanks for posting this. my problem lately is that 90% of my hair is trying to congo and have to do some major ripping after each wash. most of my journey i haven't had to do much separating but its been shrinking a ton recently so i think that has something to do with it. its weird too because it feels kind of like i have a tight helmet on after washing and then i do my separating and everything moves freely again. so strange feeling though.

Baba Fats
10/15/12 05:17:15PM @baba-fats:

Nixxi, I'm glad I could help. Hopefully I will be able to keep more updates coming.

Star, I love the sound of them ripping too

Star Gryphon
10/15/12 05:11:37PM @star-gryphon:

I have a confession...I love the sound of a good rip....

10/15/12 04:53:21PM @nixxi:

THANK YOU! I've been buggin out thinking that I'm not separating properly. This and the first tutorial are definitely helpful!

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