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dreadlocks shampoo
Aya Heartright


Location: Northfield, OH
Zipcode: 44067
Country: US


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4 month update

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Baba Fats
04/28/12 07:21:07AM @baba-fats:

They should be thin at the bottom. It's actually bad for them to get fat and blunted at the tips. So don't worry about that.

I can see a little bit oh hair that is untangled, but no more that I would have expected at 4 months. Don't worry about that so much. I love the beads. Very cool. I'm actually thinking about getting some cuffs like those soon.

Keep up the updates. I want to see where your mullet goes from here lol. Dreadlocks are almost always mullets. We just call them something else

04/25/12 12:52:01PM @mariah:

i feel like my ends do the same sometimes, then other times they seem tight. the hardest part is not messing with those parts.. Look great at 4 months tho!!!

Nathan Hammond
03/31/12 12:32:07PM @nathan-hammond:
They are looking so awesome! :-) I'm talking to the people that live in my computer hahahaa

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