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By: ashr
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I signed up here before, but i wiped my profile after a couple of days. I guess i got scared of being judged or something. i dont really conform to anything which always puts me on the outside standing out like a sore thumb and you know what happens then ;)

I really like this place and i really like the people here as well, so im giving it another go. This time round ill just refrain from putting pics and videos up to ease myself into it.

There are a lot of walls built up around me, i always keep people at arms length and i'm hoping this place will give me a chance to tear down some of those walls in a way that keeps me feeling secure and not too exposed.

This was just my feeble attempt at an intro :)

I'll see you guys around <3

09/27/11 02:24:59AM @ashr:

Thank you Soaring Eagle and Avery <3

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/26/11 12:30:39PM @soaring-eagle:

judge you for being just like us? well by just like us i mean just like you not at all like anyone else?

do u see a bunch of conformists here?

i dont see anyone wearing a tie everyday do you?

when you stand out like a sore thumb u fit right in withb all the sore thumbs

youd blend right in round here

in fact ya might wanna add pics and vids so u get noticed haha

welcome back

09/26/11 12:05:24PM @ashr:

Thank you Avery, means a helluva lot to me :)

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