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dreadlocks shampoo

Any good Shampoo available in U.K.? or......

Gazzunger the Grey
10/17/19 06:59:48PM

Hi  fellow UK dreadies... stumbled thru the back door of this section of "dreadlockssite" by accident.  (No alcohol involved -Honest!)  

Have been Brush free for around 2 years now, and have used Vickis shampoo for about 9 months now (good stuff).  Only trouble is the last order recently got hit with £30  Customs "Handling Charge"  (first order no customs charge).

Was wandering if anyone else has had similar charges (assuming use of Vickis shampoo of course)  and/or has any tips on avoiding such Customs rip-off when ordering Vickis.

Trying to keep this post short and sweet and not too negative (thanks to Customs Bully-Boys)..

Enjoying the dread journey so far, I have roughly a 25-40% dread coverage, so its a relaxed pace, which suits me fine and gets some amusing/bewildered looks from strangers (and not so strangers). 

Interested to hear other folks dreading-stories (I see this UK section hasn't been active for a year or 4)  

"Female Phermones" are you still dreaded?

EXcuse the long intro post (i'm not usually so long winded) 

Drecky greetings from darkest the SouthWest  



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