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First Pictures!!

user image 2010-10-03
By: Andelynn
Posted in:
Ok, I promised some pictures and so here they are. This is after 1 week of me separating, twisting and ripping and a little backcombing. I just washed my hair/head using a BS mixture with some drops of tea tree oil, peppermint, rosemary and lilac oils and then I used a mixture of Apple Cider vinigar and water - first time with the AC rinse and I got to say - I'm amazed at how soft my hair feels right now. Anyway, like I said this picture was taken just a few hours after I washed so my hair is pretty fuzzy right now.Ok, ok, I can not lie. My hair is always fuzzy these days. I spent some time this evening looking through the forum with pictures of different stages and that was really encouraging. I am guessing that it will take a number of months for these to tighten up and look like real dreads. I'm not doing anything to them now that they are all on their paths - which I love! I just put a tam on and go! My friend made me a tam to wear at night too - it has a string on it so I can tie it tightly around my face and it won't fall off during the night! lol! I look a little silly but I got to say, I love it! My head is so comfy and cozy at night! The tam is kind of large so all the baby dreads can move around in it while the thing is firmly attached. Brilliant!So without further ado - here are the pix - let me know what you guys think!

10/18/10 10:45:23AM @andelynn:
Sorry it took me so long to respond - I haven't been on in a little while. To answer your question, I started by sectioning off my whole head using tiny rubber bands I got at a beauty supply store. Then I back-combed a little and twisted and ripped the sections until I got a good couple of knots started. I didn't have any pain - but then I also didn't knot them tightly to my skull. I took out all the rubber bands as I did each section - except a few in the back - those sections right by my neck are particularly stubborn and I thought I would see how it would go to leave the rubber bands in until they start knotting up more. After that I have not done anything except spray some salt water on them every so often and wash my head once a week. My roots are loose and so are the ends, but the middles of each section are good and knotted.It has been about 3 weeks or so since I took these pictures and my head doesn't really seem much different yet. Though all the sections are definitely knotted up and won't come out unless I have some serious combing and conditioning time put in. I've washed my head several times and have had no problem with the baby dreads falling out. I do have a number of loose strands all over the place that have not found their way into a dread yet - I somehow must have missed these when I was originally twisting and ripping. I am trying not to fuss over them, but I do tend to feel around them once or twice a day. Yesterday, I ripped on section in half to make 2 skinnier dreads. It seemed like that one was already headed in that direction anyway. I am wondering when my roots will start to knot up on their own. Right now my head looks like.. um... kind of like a willow tree - lol! With all these sections sort of falling down - does that make sense?? I am thinking that they will look more like real dreads as my hair grows longer. Like I said, the ends of the sections are not knotted - there's only so far you can do that - so my hair doesn't really look dreaded right now. All you can see are the ends. But if you feel the sections - you can really feel the knots. So I don't know how this is going to work out. I've never done this to my hair like this before. Information posted by various people on here say over and over that dreads take a lot of time and patience and they will eventually start working themselves out on their own. I am keeping the faith that this will happen with me and I have resisted the urge to post a message for help - lol!. Lucky for me my hair grows really fast. Just looking at the above pictures taken just a month ago, I can already see how much my hair has grown. But the dreads themselves are not really any more defined yet. I will be posting more pictures as they develop. I am hoping that by Christmas time they will really start looking like dreads. By that time it will have been about... 4 months or so since I gave them a kick start. I guess we shall see!

Kelly Anne
10/14/10 06:17:32AM @kelly-anne:
Hey, I'm so glad you put these pics up because my hair is about the same length and I was wondering how natural dreads would work. What did you actually have to do to start them off?Kel

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/02/10 11:33:39PM @soaring-eagle:
already turning out good

10/02/10 11:22:06PM @andelynn:
I will try - I'm am so excited these are working out. It will be interesting to see how they develop. :)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/02/10 11:16:42PM @soaring-eagle:
look like your off to a freat startu should start a timeline too and update it often

10/02/10 11:09:33PM @andelynn:
By the way - trying to get decent pictures of your own head is SUCH a pain in the butt! It took several tries before I could get these - lol!!

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