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Suddenly mom to a 2yr old! :)

user image 2012-12-20
By: amethyst777
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Hey fellow dreadies!

My partner and I have suddenly and unexpectedly become moms to our 2yr old nephew. He adorable and as sweet as can be. Right now he's special needs. We aren't sure if he's behind because he was terribly neglected up until this point (we had no idea), or if there is something more going on. We've been working with him everyday. He is 2, but functions at about a 6mo old level. Doesn't walk, talk, eat solid foods, I don't think he recognizes his own name. It's getting better every day though.

It's taken all us and his grandparents had to get papers filed to adopt, or get custody of him. Christmas is so close... sigh... If any of you have anything you could donate it would be much appreciated. He's in a size 4T. So clothes, books, toys, gift cards... anything would help. It was just so unexpected it's been a hard couple of weeks.

If you can help us, help the little guy, just message me and I'll get our info to you. Sorry for asking for help, we're just close to desperate at the moment.

Happy Holidays to all of you and thanks in advance :)

12/24/12 04:51:38AM @amethyst777:

I looked up theFeldenkrais method/Anat Baniel Method, it looks awesome. People saying lots of good stuff about it. :)
I have notice that his ears aren't red or look infected or anything, but they constantly leak ear wax. Just plain old yellow ear wax, but more than normal. I've been wondering if that might be part of his developmental delays. He doesn't really seem to know his name, but he does respond to sounds.
I can't wait to get him in to see a pediatrician and find out what's going on.
We just got his medicaid card, so hopefully we can get him in to see a Dr. this week. I'm having fits finding one that accepts medicaid and accepts new patients.
I'm also definitely looking into programs like the one Nichole mentioned, "birth to 3 years". The problem I keep running into is that there is a waiting list to get in, and I have to have legal guardianship to get him on the list. But... we go back to court Jan 10.
Brandi Leigh, I sent a friend request, but then the option to msg you disappeard. grrrrr.... I asked SE to pass my address along to you. Were you able to get it?
There has been an outpouring of support from here and my other friends online (Facebook), I appreciate it so much! Thank you to all you for all your kind words, support, and encouragement! He's a beautiful baby (I'll try my best to post a pic tomorrow), and he now has a wonderful extended family. The message I've gotten, have been awesome! You guys ROCK!

12/22/12 10:56:47PM @gingerrose:
Not sure if someone has checked the ears - sometimes hearing impaired or just swollen ear canals can delay development. And I have also heard good things about Feldenkrais, if you decide to go that route. Alternative schooling may be a good way to go, too - Waldorf or Sudbury or Montessori? The kids who come out of those schools are often much more clear headed than conventional public schoolers (in the US anyway!). Maybe some of the members here have some first hand experience - I do not.

12/20/12 10:51:34PM @nichole2:
Is there a program where ever you live there its called birth to three they do therapy speech, physical, and occupational. My son is special needs also when he ages out of b23 they'll get him to school to continue therapy

Brandi Leigh
12/20/12 09:30:25PM @brandi-leigh:

Send your mailing address.

I don't know where you are but once you get settled look into practitioners of the Feldenkrais method/Anat Baniel Method for babies. They seem to really help children with disabilities ( youtube here ).

Also, please don't forget to look up assistance in your community, I grew up in a family too proud to look for help when they needed it through government assistance, food banks etc. These facilities are there for people in your situation, don't overlook them and suffer needlessly.

On a brighter note, my husband suffered severe neglect as a child for about a year and had to be adopted by his grandparents. He caught up on his delayed development in short order and he suffered no permanent effects. So don't lose hope yet!

12/20/12 08:57:40PM @amethyst777:

Thank you all so much! Soaring Eagle, it's a really sad situation. Basically since he was born his mom worked nights and I believe she is mildly MR herself (seriously, I'm not just down talking her), all she did was give him a bottle and leave him crying in the crib all day. He wasn't even sitting up or trying to crawl until just recently. The baby has an older brother that was just diagnosed with autism. He's 10 but just now talking. So I feel the same as you, Soaring Eagle, we may be dealing with more than just neglect, but we are hoping he'll catch up. We are definitely going to have him tested and get him all the services he needs. Our hands are tied for a short time, until we get granted guardianship. But we are working on that also. He's improved in just the short time we've had him.
I agree, most kids would have figured out a lot by themselves.
He's a beautiful little boy and we are gonna do all we can to help him! As far as I'm concerned, he's already my baby :)
I'll message you my Address, and thanks again :)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
12/20/12 05:02:19PM @soaring-eagle:

send me your address if it costs more to ship then its worth we'll just kicj=k ya lil cash to buy somethin localy but if its e=reasonable to ship we got alotta stuff we can send

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
12/20/12 04:04:56PM @soaring-eagle:

well thats awesome and hope he keeps improving but i would strongly suggest u have him get some testing done

even with horible neglect it would be surprising to see development that far behind i mean he should have figgured out walking on his own even with neglect id think

can i ask what kinda neglect hes dealt with?

im going to see if theres anything i can get to ya no promices tho

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