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Rainbow Gatherings

By: amanda11
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for quite some time now, my boyfriend and i have been wanting to go on the road. we want to go anywhere and everywhere! see the world with our own eyes :) we've been doing a ton of research and have been saving money to get ourselves the ultimate van...and as i've searched and read, i've come across a lot of information on rainbow gatherings across the country. my question, to anyone who can answer, is this: do they happen year round? is it possible to travel from gathering to gathering all across the country throughout the year? is anyone has any information on rainbow gatherings, i'd love tohear it :) i'd like to know anything and everything i can about any information is good information.

if you know anything about living on the road/in a van, i'd love to hear it, too! i'll take all the advice i can get before we set out on our journey :)

~peace, love, and dreadlocks~


☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/07/12 02:26:25PM @soaring-eagle:

well the gatherings are year round (pretty much) during the coldest months theres only a couple as far south as u can go which includes ocala fl a-cola fl

ocala is 1 of a few that always happen evfery year and being mid wind=ter in warm climate tends to draw more who have nowbghere else to go it s a rugher crowd with more alcahol less spritualality a-cola is right after ocala just noth of there its a newer alternative to ocala without the alcahol

the regionals that happen every year in the same spot eem to be the ones that aee more likely to be like that ocak=]la

regional s that happen in a region but not specifuc area most years but not every year are small and intimate and u get to really connect with people more

typicaly a gathering has a main week or 2 when the weekend warriors flock in

but theres seed camp and cleanup wich makes mosr week long gatherings more like 3 month ralisticly

and on tip of that theres councils and holding camps and in the rare months that a gatherings hardto find theres crystal mining annd gem shows and stuff like that so yea its easy to travel gathering to gathering \

plus theres kitchgens like everybodies that share food in babylon 9 months a year when not at a gathering

as well as arrr the rainbow disaster relief network

and interb=national and world gatherings

living in a van is cool

if u get stuck its usualy easy to find ppl to help get u back on the road

truckers are often willing to gice ya a fill up on the company card if u run a deisel

the ultimare tho is to get a deisel vehicle..van or schoolbus and for 800 dollars convert it to run on veggire oil then u use deisel to start and shut down but while running long distances with a warmed up engine u run off french fry oil u get from any fast food place

typicaly u make arrangement wil th local hops to collect and stock up several 55 gallon drums and then while on the road jut drop by alot of places hoping to get whatever they will kick down

u fikter the used oul and your bus runs on that with less emissions and its basicly free

after rainbow henyou still got that rainbow glow and the rainbow magics still workin for ya u can sometimes trade for gas or food especialy in the middle of nowhere

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