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Alyssa Metzger


Location: Elgin, IL
Zipcode: 60123
Country: US

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user image 2013-01-01
By: Alyssa Metzger
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I've only ever made one resolution in my life for New Years. It was to fear change less and try new things. I tried rock climbing and bow shooting. Both of which are things I'm pretty good at now and enjoy. This year my resolution has come from my thoughts on a great book I'm reason--Buddhism for mothers f young children--a great read. My goal for myself is to just 'be' more. Enjoy the moment at hand. Not what's coming in the next hour or weekend or what I have to get done for the day. Just live each moment. The gift of life needs to be enjoyed more.
Castaway J
01/01/13 09:45:01PM @castaway-j:

i couldnt agree more! good luck on your journey :)

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