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roots natty roots

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/27/10 12:17:42PM
dreading naturally is getting back to the roots of dreadlocking, the purest form. in fact the only way dreads were grown for thousands of wasnt untill just a few years ago that companies started claiming to have "better" ways to dread. but the truth is roots come from roots, ropes come from stores.natty dreadlocks grow like roots of the tree, organically. not shaped perfectly, but formed more naturally.the roots of dreadlocking are as ancient as man.dreads that grow like roots connect you to nature. all natural energies flow from the earth through the roots into the mind.grow your natty roots and return to the roots of humanitywe once were intimately connected to nauture, now we seek to conquer i write this the earth is bleeding, billions of tons of her blood (oil) are spilling out into the ocean in the greattest environmental disaster in history.if its not fixed, sea life will be destroyed like we've never seen oxygen levels can be impacted as well sice much oxygens produced by algae and seaweeds.mankind must wake up to its roots, return to a life in harmonynature is an untamable forcethe more we try to tame it the more it will kick our asses.roots natty roots maybe a spiritual journey for manybut evolution (or de-evolution) mankind returning to a more harmonious existence is critical for proud to be natty dreadits just 1 tiny step towards natural evolution.
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