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Walter Kibby


Location: Los Angeles, CA
Zipcode: 90035
Country: US


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audio tracks: 2

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Musical Youth   Pass the Dutchie 18-33-41

Musical Youth Pass the...

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Gregory Isaacs - Universal Tribulation

Gregory Isaacs - Universal...

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/18/11 08:45:38PM @soaring-eagle:

04/01/11 09:23:09AM @k-michelle-sanders:

dude nice pics, but most importantly sick dreads!!

did you use a crochet hook by any chance, if so what size?

Jessica Quick
01/20/11 12:01:28PM @amanda-zail:
I'm from Maui, looks exactly like hookipa beach on north shore!!!! Then I saw your next pic of the clouds in mountains, and knew that wasnt Maui. Beautiful.......Hell yeah!!!! Aloha braddah!!!!

Jamie Farr
07/22/10 02:51:42PM @jason-maui:
howd yu blunt yur tips?

Patty Haynes
05/10/10 12:18:29PM @jacopo-bernatti:
you have awesome awesoma dreads 0_0

04/19/10 07:52:10AM @sarah-dunn:
Thanks, it really sucks though because I have to remove them for work. I f I could afford to loose my job then I would keep them but I can't :(But hey, I'm keeping a couple of them. :) and they look bad ass.

04/18/10 07:53:31PM @sarah-dunn:
Hell yeah, that's what I though. I have mine pierced right at the frenum (the thing holding your tongue down) and I want to get it pierced again towards the tip with a very small gauge and put like, an eyebrow ring through it so it had the bigger ball on top then a small one. I think it'd look bad ass. :)Anywho, your dreads look awesome. I love the Tarzan pic. :)

12/18/09 05:16:38PM @laura-goodwin-wood:
oh ok cool man, thanks.

12/17/09 04:52:20PM @laura-goodwin-wood:
hey man you have some of the best dreads i've ever seen. i was just wondering what method you used and how many you have? thanks.

sabrina redmon
12/04/09 07:24:47PM @dorothy-campbell:
hey beautiful dreads :)

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