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Vicky Viper


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Dreads are starting to form

By: Vicky Viper
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Now my hair is really starting to become very "dready". I recived my dreadshampoo a couple of weeks ago and it works really well!

After each wash I feel it become more and more tangeld, it feels great!

I'm really looking forward to be able to use beautiful beads and my coral and I want crystals in my hair aswell. It's going to be awesome!



02/02/15 01:44:58PM @psybin:

I just got mine last week and it's amazing!  You're both right, each time I use it I notice new knots and twists and loops!  I wish I had tried it at the beginning, 4-5 months ago lol.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
01/27/15 07:14:34PM @soaring-eagle:

everytime i use the loiquid all my hair wants to become 1 big dread that stuff really makes your hair dread insanely

how far in are ya


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