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Loose Hair Becoming Additional Dreadlocks?

By: Tina Mother's Milk
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I had my hair done by a locktition, and for the most part I am happy with it - EXCEPT - that I think she got lazy at 7.5 hours of work and made the last 4 dreads in the back more like 3" instead of 1" like I had asked so it appears as though I have empty space there. Do you think eventually that I will bet enough loose hair on the top to make an extra two or three? I'm about 3 months in and my hair is locking up, especially in the back, vey quickly so it would be very difficult and look weird if I started that row over. My hair was about 4" below the shoulders when I started and now, only in the back, it is only mid-way down my neck (all of my hair was the same length). I'm not going to change it but just wondering if I will get more locks someday.

Tina Mother's Milk
09/15/13 08:10:52PM @tina-mothers-milk:

Ok, I will post a pic of the back. Can u let me know how many I should have?

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/15/13 08:01:24PM @soaring-eagle:

no way should you ever go back just neglect them or tnr

to comb oiut soak in lots of conditioner or olive oil comb out caregfully gently from the tip up it will take awhile

the methods she used dont make much sence in the 1st place so definately wouldnt use the sme methods

Tina Mother's Milk
09/15/13 07:37:32PM @tina-mothers-milk:

So if I comb them out, should I just neglect them or have her do them again the way she did it (like a twist / wrap) so that they are uniform? HELP! And how do I comb them out? Any products?

Tara C
09/15/13 03:53:30PM @tara-c:

Getting a 'professional' to dread your hair is bad, they almost always do something they're not meant to that's bad for dreads. But yeah, dreads thicken as they mature, so a 3-inch dread will be HORRIBLY thick. Take forever to dry, increase the risk of mold by a LOT, etc. You should definitely comb those out, sooner rather than later if possible.

But yeah, loose hairs do become dreads. They either join a dread or create their own new dread. I have loads that were formed without me doing anything :)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/15/13 03:13:02PM @soaring-eagle:

its essential those are started overgoing to a loctician is the worse mistake you can make

how were they done?

but a 3 inch section will make dreads as thick as your arm (bicept section) that when mature will take a food 5 days to dry and will pullunevenly and hurt it will be extremely hard to clean the scalp undser it and will be very hard to sleep on

whats worse is being so thick they will be harder to seperate and more likely to congo and become a 6 inch then 9 inch wide beavertail

theres no other option but to start those over each 1 should be 3 to 6 dreads

or more

but yes loose hairs will become new dreads but in this caee are more likly to get sucked in and make them even thicker

id start those over emedietly before it becomes ant harder to start over

i would also request at least a partial refund and tell her why..because they were done improperly and now need to be started over

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