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06/16/11 05:19:12AM @tainy303:

The Hook will never go near my dreads again!

As for my roots- the person who done them didnt make any neatsections, she just took small bits of hair and dreaded it. The roots have become a lil flat and thin on some of my dreads (they seem to be matting up ok tho). Will they round and thicken up like the rest of the dread? :)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/15/11 11:22:43AM @soaring-eagle:

welcome never root rub and that damn crochet hook is why your having problems thats a teribly bad thing to do to dreads join the crochet recovery group and i hope u threw the hook away and never used it again after the 1st day

06/15/11 06:15:46AM @foxpaw:

hey man just look towards the top of the page. Look through Dreadlock Faq's, go into chat and live chat with other brothers&sisters and get answers quick, look through the Forums too most likely any answers your looking for have already been brought up, thats what i did when i started :P

Welcome to the site!

Andy Baird
04/01/12 04:15:57PM @jack-wright:

youre freakin adorable :)

Andy Baird
09/24/10 08:51:52AM @jack-wright:
thats awesomeee mannn :p i would have done the same thing. :)

Andy Baird
09/23/10 11:19:32PM @jack-wright:
they'll look pretty sick mannn, good thing you started off with short hair. because it sad losing length :/

Andy Baird
09/23/10 09:33:46PM @jack-wright:
thanks man :) love your dreads :)

08/05/10 12:15:12PM @jameela-bailey:
you asked if my dreads were all natural and actually in the beginning i used a small amount of wax to keep them from eating eachother and i also used a little shea butter dread lotion moisturizer from the ethnic section of sallys cuz they used to get really dried out and what not. but i havent used anything in them but dread soap for about a good 3 years id say. ive had them for about 4 so i think thats pretty good and luckily i havent seen any mold or breakage so im good

07/27/10 05:41:16PM @john-yowannoh:
Thats too bad, but they will be grown back in before you know it!It's quite interesting to watch how unique each individual one can be

07/27/10 02:06:53AM @david-smith:
helps with any irritation and loosens buildup :]

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