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Introducing my cats :-)

Frances Mawby
01/14/13 05:03:51AM

Sorry I have no photos at the moment, I must get a camera! But I have 17 cats!! They are : Tabitha, shes 7, Molly - 6, Willow, hes 4, Eve - 4, Matty-Groves hes 3, his brother Merriwether, 3. Then theres Big Stig, also 3 and very BIG! Theres, Lily - 3, Moon and Beansprout, who are 4, Lentil, shes 2, Wobbles, shes 1 n half, and Roobarb, hes 1 n half, then theres Bilbo and Frodo Baggins who are 6months. Last summerI took in a very frightened abandoned pregnant female, I rehomed the kittens but she stayed and we call her Jet. And just last night I took in a pregnant female that was being abused by her owner, so I shall get her back on her feet, but shes very stressed at the moment, so that makes 17. Most of mine are rescue cats, I' l never turn one away!! So thats me, I luuuvvvv my cats, theyr all so different and full of fun, life without them would be so dull.

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