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Controversy on how the nervous system works.

Spider Feet
04/07/10 03:25:12PM
2 scientists, Jackson and Thomas Heimburg have created a controversial theory on how nerves work that contradicts the Hodgkin-Huxley model. The H&H theory is the one that is widely accepted that says the nervous system works on tiny impulses of electricity which although explains a lot, doesn't explain some things like how anastesia works.The Heimburg theory takes an amazingly creative and contradicting approach stating that the electrical charge is just a side effect and that the nerves work more like high pressure sound waves running through pipes. Each individual cell expands and contracts like a tiny muscle and any nerve cell near enough to feel that motion will do the same(thats actually proven fact not just theory).They both state that this theory was never meant to be taken as a 100% truth but to make scientists question their approach in dealing with neurology.I personally like it a lot, it makes more sense to me than the H&H model.
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