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☮ soaring eagle ॐ

defenders of the realm

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/21/13 04:37:11PM

defenders of the realm is the team of superheroes that protect the good name of the realm (dreadlockssite) and strive to bring us to the top.

these are our elite guard

they are our most skilled and quick witted.

they protect and enhance our rank using skills learned through deep meditation and study of the rules of the realm

they are masters of manipulation they manipulate the will of the provider (the great google in the sky)

and control the flow of his favor

if you are interested in or already have some skills with seo and site management and promotion this is the team for you

there will be many critically important projects

you will be trained but also need a ability to learn on your own.

this team requires the most attention to detail and ability to think and problem solve, but it also gives you the skills to defend others reals as well.

post below to join the defenders of the realm, add dr to your name (optional) and post all discussions here with dr added to title to draw the attention of all defenders.

as our elite guard, you maybe eligible for compensation for a job well done. (stay tuned for details)

the defenders report to the champion of the guard (team leader) and to me

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