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little anxious about hardnes-softnes

06/29/11 12:36:37PM

I am little in worry how my dreads will turn out.

How soft dreadloxs must be? Can I wash them in soda to become softer, or is recovery shampoo and conditioner for now bether choice?

In last days I have.... let me see... soak them in apple vinegar for 10minutes(this helps), wash them lot of times with recovery shampoo and lot of conditioner, use lot of jojoba, I have even with medicine nidlle put oil into hard knotes and massage,massage... I soak them everyday in salt water. Dreadlocks have lost on lenght but they have soften- I am not sure is that enough soft. Two of dreads were so tight and big so I have undo them and made 4 soft from them. I have unknote them with jojoba and fork. Now, I surrender! Maby not to wash so often anymore...this was intense recovery phase!


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