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11/16/09 09:26:34PM @remiss:
Hey man welcome!You'll definately like it herefeel free to ask your questionenjoysee ya bro

Lonnie Berg
11/16/09 07:42:34PM @lonnie-berg:
Greetings Brother and welcome to our forum, you'll find a lotta kynd, helpful people here and a lotta info if you're needin any, namaste'

Hans Miniar Jónsson
07/19/11 12:43:02PM @sandra-moreno:
well maybe i will see you one day haha, and happy birthday btw!

Hans Miniar Jónsson
07/16/11 05:40:19PM @sandra-moreno:
No ive never been. Have you been to tulsa? Oh thats cool, my brothers and sister are Mexican. Im Guatemalan.

Hans Miniar Jónsson
07/16/11 04:55:54PM @sandra-moreno:
Yeah i agree with you man. I get alot of criticism. If not for having dreads, then how i started them or how frizzy they are.

Hans Miniar Jónsson
07/16/11 09:32:26AM @sandra-moreno:
Hiii! Its so awesome to know theres another dreadhead nearby :):)

darren smyth
06/11/11 06:52:55AM @ben-williams:
I ment with white hair:-)

darren smyth
06/11/11 06:52:21AM @ben-williams:
Lol. I thunk my colors will be like soft tones... sounds silly but with whir hair it looks neet

darren smyth
06/10/11 08:13:32PM @ben-williams:
I want to put like a lock of color but not much. idk i think the colors could be fun.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/09/11 06:05:54PM @soaring-eagle:

post that but reinstall ypur browser so it will post

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