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Sissy MacK


Location: Miles City, MT
Zipcode: 59301
Country: US


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Day 11...Hubby is Getting Nervous

By: Sissy MacK
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So this morning, the hubby and I were sitting on the bed playing with the babies when suddenly he bursts into laughter.Breathlesslyhe managed to gasp, "Your hair looks like sh*t!"

Humm...I've got to admit it does look pretty bad about now.

Not that I run around looking quite so messy. I'm really loving the way I look in my new wool tam.

Sissy MacK
12/02/14 01:20:50PM @sissy-mack:

I would never accuse my husband of not noticing...he's the one who use to cut my hair. I would however accuse him of being an opinionated cuss who says whatever is on his mind. Fortunately, I know him well enough to just laugh and give him the finger.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
12/02/14 12:21:33PM @soaring-eagle:

you shouold have4 replied thank you im so glad you noticed

1/2 the time when u did do something diferent lkike get it cut oir styled he probablky didnt even notice

now that its starting to dread at least hes noticing

and looking like shit in just 11 days is encouraging

so say thank you..and not you really mean it and are greatful for it looking like shit already

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