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Location: Greensboro, NC
Zipcode: 27408
Country: US


images: 32
audio tracks: 5
videos: 2

day 5 :) getting there

streams: 12
video file: 31.2MB, 00:06:44

03/15/12 09:50:00PM @sarah11:
ok thanks :3 will do :D

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/15/12 07:10:33PM @soaring-eagle:
whats big sext hair i wiouldnt use it whatever it is the sepersating id wait till your lil more knotty i wouldnt tie em back much oh big sexty hairs ashampoo? give it to a freind get a dread shampoo i wouldnt sew i[on beads either if u tie em up tieem looser and it both slows progres ahnd makes em need seperating more

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