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2 Weeks w/ Questions

2 week old neglect dreadlocks. I ask a couple questions about my beads, whether I should separate some and if I should move some beads down.
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/30/11 06:49:22PM @soaring-eagle:

iftheres 6 inches or more beloewth bead it will dread on itsownju st not as fast as abovethevead u can move it downbu t mocve it too far andugetno dreading below the bead

uwill n otice it dreading towardsthetip in awhile keep in mindyourat2w e eks and u already areseeingdrea ds your doing verywell ..ahead of the gametheres t will catch up

Castaway J
10/27/11 03:05:22PM @castaway-j:

yeah straight hair compared to curly hair at the same age will be at different stages of maturety. thats how i see it :)

its pretty amazing how your hair just separates like that huh? mine is doing an amazing job sectioning itself, its very very cool! youll see that it will section into small locks, then the small ones will tangle with eachother then make a bigger one. thats cool that they were sectioning in the bead, right on!

10/27/11 02:21:28AM @samalamajam:

Thanks for the suggestions for the wiggling the beads. I remember reading that somewhere in the forums that they would be as large as the root. I may have gone a bit "bead-happy" when I did the sectioning.
After SE's comment about the sections being too large and your opinion I finally took all but two beads out and separated the sections. They were already separating within each bead so it was easier than I thought and not nearly as painful (emotionally and physically). Seems like my hair knows where and how much it wants to separate better than I do.
Oh, and my assumption at the end: did you mean when I said the strength/maturity of the dread = ease of combing it back out not it's actual age.

Castaway J
10/26/11 10:38:47PM @castaway-j:

wow your going to have some monsters lol, i would separate them unless thats what you want. keep in mind the size of the mature dread will be as large as the section at the root. you convinced me to stop procrastinating on the beads though :) theyre looking good so far though, keep it up :)oh and i agree with your assumption at the end too.

also moving the beads after a shower is a good idea to make sure they dry all the way preventing mold n stuffs.

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