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Rusty McDonald


Country: HK


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By Rusty McDonald, 2010-10-26
I just got my dreads 4 days ago in Bangkok and I LOVE them. I've been wanting them for like 2 years and I finally got them. I was on half term holiday until yesterday and when I got to school EVERYONE was telling me how good I looked etc etc. I just found out today that they're "inappropriate for school" or something pathetic like that. She even said to me that the uniform needs to keep the students looking as "normal as possible" and that my hair was "too extreme". So I've got to keep my hair up whenever I'm at school and let my normal hair grow in and then cut the dreads off. I'M SO FREAKING PISSED. How is a hairstyle going to affect anything or anyone at school????? And I could just keep them in a pony tail and make them look neat but NOOOOOO I HAVE TO GET RID OF THEM.Sorry guys, I needed to have a bit of a rant.
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