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Location: Saskatchewan
Country: CA

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Natural Free Form Dreadlocks at 6 months!

My 6 months! I'm sorry for how boring and slow i was.. It was a confusing day. xD Please enjoy!This is my blog if you want to check it out!
11/22/11 07:52:06PM @naturelover:

Awe thank you so much! You're an awesome human being :D

Qube Goodie
11/22/11 02:15:50PM @qube-goodie:

you rock! You have a gnarly swag , your locks are unique and continue to change and manifest, its epic ! NATURE LOVER YOU'RE THE COOLEST :-)

11/12/11 08:05:01PM @naturelover:

Holy!, thats so cool! Thank you for watching my videos :D

11/12/11 07:31:38PM @linus:

Hey its you! I have followed ur videos on youtube before i registered here. And i just love you! lol

11/12/11 07:19:08PM @naturelover:

Thanks! I'm glad you do :DI just love how your locks formed!

11/12/11 11:36:40AM @foxpaw:
Haha you are so cool & I love watching your journey :]

Gabriel Beauchemin
11/11/11 09:41:55PM @gabriel-beauchemin:

thats cool keep going

11/09/11 05:52:04PM @naturelover:

@Change: Thank you so much n_n You're awesome!

@Ashley: it makes me so happy that i inspired you! I'm so glad! Thank you, love. I'm definitely keeping my locks forever man :)

Ashley Broadway
11/09/11 02:12:42PM @ashley-broadway:

Wow! Love your hair, you're my inspiration to take out my waxed dreads and start again naturally

You're an incredibly pretty young woman and hope you keep your dreads for years to come.

Blessed be -Ashley-

Castaway J
11/09/11 02:27:13AM @castaway-j:

woooooow iabsolutelylove how your hair is forming its so awesome! your beautiful in more ways than one :)

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