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Natural Hair Rene


Location: San Bernardino, CA
Zipcode: 92405
Country: US


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white sage Vegan so Bars!!
Tropical lemongrass coconut Vegan so Bars!!
Herbal Black Soap Shampoo/Body wash
Spirit Wind
Irie Peace!!
healingherbs copy
Locks in Flowers
valley of the kings black soap shampoo
Pine Tar soap
Natural dreadlock condtioner
herbal hair mist


09/02/10 11:30:47AM @chick-pea:
Beautiful dreads and gorgeous photos : ) What is a CLMT massage therapist? I have worked as a massage therapist before and haven't heard of this one... Welcome to the site : D

Murphy the rasta
08/25/10 12:30:13PM @murphy-the-rasta:
nice2 meet ya ...lovely dreads!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/25/10 11:44:48AM @soaring-eagle:
palm rollins useless too all u need is to seperate and wash nothing else

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/25/10 02:22:53AM @soaring-eagle:
welcome sister but latch hook? thats really not good for dreadsglad u joined usnamaste

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