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New Beginnings

By Michelle4, 2012-10-25

Namaste all,

So lately I have been feeling completely isolated in my corner of the universe. I am starting to see that I have drifted from most of my friends in the past years that I have been in a relationship. I work the third shift for a very large chain (boo) of bakery cafes. I spend about 90% of my time alone, between baking solo every night and coming home alone to my tiny farmhouse (that I love). I have very little ties here in this town, and my heart tells me that it is time to move on. The benefit to working for the crap company that I do, is that they are everywhere and relocating is incredibly possible. So I guess what I am getting at here is has anyone ever just up and left, started over in a town where you do not know a soul? Is it worth it? Part of me feels like things never really change, if I am feeling alone here then I will really feel alone somewhere else, so why bother? Also, mostly where I live people are kind of clueless to the important things in life, to each his own but maybe if I moved with more like minded folks I could be happier. I know that this is something that many people consider doing, and only a few are bold enough...

Also, how do you decide where to go? Just blindly point to a spot on a map?

Thanks for reading :)

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