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max and aurora
5 months


Bryce Forrest
04/16/11 11:48:06PM @bryce-forrest:
That's so crazy, I was the EXACT same way! One time I got in that same argument with a girl about long hair and she was like "you wouldn't come to school in a skirt would you?" So of course I wore a skirt to school the next day xD but that's just how I roll. I love having a hairstyle finally that's expressive, natural, and that I'm always happy with. I used to actually straighten and dye my hair a lot because I hated my hair. So it's definitely a nice change.

Bryce Forrest
04/14/11 05:54:16PM @bryce-forrest:
Hey man your hair texture is awesome! I hope you don't hate your curls like some people. I hope the dreading is going right bro.

03/18/11 11:47:38AM @sheresa:
Do you live in a camper?

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/17/11 01:46:51AM @soaring-eagle:

Ezrabolden Fyahwordz
08/20/12 08:00:59PM @ezrabolden-fyahwordz:

i know what i meant lol, i will do that as well before i start dreading, and i think i will deffo use the back comb method, i would love beads and stuff in my hair but not quite sure where to get them from? art shops? i dunno xx

Ezrabolden Fyahwordz
08/20/12 06:30:18PM @ezrabolden-fyahwordz:

haha, i just really want to go to any festival, i know ed sheeran is playing in hull in november so i might get tickets to that, if not, the midnight beast are touring the uk, so i might go to that. i bet the download fest was awsome! thank you for the tip about seperating hair in the shower, i think i might do that, oh and can i still use my John Frieda shampoo, i only bought it last week and i dont want to see it go to waste also its for red hair xxxx

Ezrabolden Fyahwordz
08/20/12 03:03:43PM @ezrabolden-fyahwordz:

yehh i will ask her, i know people that ive talked to, the backcombing method worked, i did hear that TnR only really worked for thin dreads but idk. i havent been to any festivals as yet, but in the very near future i am planning to go, so i will be looking forward to that! your dreads look great btw xx

Ezrabolden Fyahwordz
08/20/12 04:13:13AM @ezrabolden-fyahwordz:

not yet, i think im going to go for the backcombing method, but i havent brushed my hair in a while and little bits of it are starting to clump together a bit, my mums cousin used to work in an afro salon and if she used to do dreads ill ask her to do them :) xx

Ezrabolden Fyahwordz
08/19/12 05:41:34AM @ezrabolden-fyahwordz:

thank you! i cant wait to dread my hair! im so excited xxx

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/06/12 11:10:39AM @soaring-eagle:

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