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Location: Salem, OR
Zipcode: 97306
Country: US


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Modern computerism consum

By kye, 2011-11-11

Yo, Like I feel interest with online forum participation. Too bad I cannot afford highspeed up to date internet series: what i would like to do as a member on this frum is not available. Im writting this blog to say I have been Dreading As a Life style.

To me dread locks " dread " is awesome. See i feel as my dreads mature it reflects My etheral and physical growth metaphysically and spiritualy. Of course The Lock " lock " Lockin in on the sorcery of my surroundings. Condensing my aural physique into my Growth. Live Love Life prosperity interested with open eys.

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The only comb

By kye, 2011-02-13

The adventures I go on, lead me Up trees. Or down hills in the forest. Even in parks the Branches are the only things That comb My new dreadlocks!


Rock on!

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