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The first time I tripped...

Karma Jane
10/07/09 07:51:08AM
my friend and I split a quarter drinking tea, and after we thought nothing was going to happen, that we did it wrong or something, we split another quarter eating it. so an hour or so later.. we were watching a music dvd in his living room with all the lights off.. i'm not even sure who it was anymore.. all of a sudden there were blue lights everywhere and my friend started freaking out and said "shit its the cops! come on lets go!" so he grabbed my arm and we ran to the front door and opened it to daylight. for some reason i was under the impression it was definitely nighttime.. maybe because it was so dark in the room. so that was reallllly confusing to me. And then we rounded the corner of the house to get in the car.. only it was the size of a matchbox and i started laughing, but I was even more confused now. The next thing I know we are IN the car and I can't figure out how in the hell we got in the car.. and this REALLLLY trips me out because.. well.. how did i just lose that time where we got in the car? i'm falling into time warps! then the car was a time machine and we were going down a country backroad and all the trees looked like a vortex so when we stopped at this huge field.. I was looking for like native americans.. and i saw that there were no buildings built on the land.. and then i started thinking about my time where they just put up a bunch of crazy shit on top of the earth and call it normal.. what is normal? what is REAL?.. on and on until I figured out a lot of truth for myself. I remember crying later on thinking ~ I hope this never goes away. How do I keep this feeling?
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