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Jessie Carr


Location: Gosport
Country: GB


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Uber Rant. Read i you wish.

By Jessie Carr, 2010-06-03
......FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!I haven't felt this angry in ages.A number of things is making me pissed off.1. My homeless, jobless boyfriend.2.The boy who got dreadlocks.3.The useless media teacher.4.Being moneyless and jobless myself.5.My path on finding religion.ugducgugcusvcuvuis!!!1 <----- ANGRY!1. BOYFRIENDHe's been living with me for nearly 5 months now, he's never had a job. Doesnt try and get one, pays my mum 15 pweek rent with tax payers money. REDICULOUS. Within 10 weeks he wont have a place to live because im going to uni and his family is going to wales.2. DREAD BOYMy bestfriends ex, first boyfriends whatever. I found out he was getting dreads. Hes gone all eco friendly etc which is good. I thought i'd lend him a few tips. I linked him to this site. "cool". =/ . whhuuuuu. I asked what method. Backcombing. "i dont really know much about them..."I saw the pictures ttoday. LUCKILY!!! they look wax free. but something wrong has definately been done to them. I have a sneaky suspicion a crochet hook was involved. because they are rather neat for backcombed. They look alright actually. he loves them. .....So does everyone else. Everyone has made a HUGE fuss over them. "wooowww"" awsssoooomme""" "maaaazziiiinn" etc.This never usually happens to me. but it has. Im properly jealous for the first time in YONKS. And its over THIS!?!?!? im annoyed. because one of my best friends who aways touches my dreads when im near her, i can feel the 'disgusted' vibes coming from her. she said his are "PURE AWESOME!" wtf. way to make me feel like shit.If only everyone had the knowledge of locking. Then theyd see who was better (me lol)BAH! annoyed. especialy as mine look a little braidy from t'n'r. People probably think its a poor attempt at dreads. when actually its alllllllabout the process. I know that mine are taking the better route. it just annoys me that this has happened. his are all puffy and biiiig and sticky out. everyone loves them.3. MEDIA TEACHER.Ive been taught how many chocolate bars I can name in an houri n his lessons. what a load of *. Im obviously going to FAIL.4. JOBLESSI need a job. Ican't get one. I have NO money for summer, no money for cutlery and things for uni. literally. not even a 1.5. RELIGION.I've been searching for a religion for months now. I just need something that I can always feel is there for me when im left alone by myself. I can't seem to find it andits making me lose my mind.There. im done.x
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