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dreadlocks shampoo
jacopo bernatti


Location: asti
Country: IT


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/13/11 12:29:58PM @soaring-eagle:

Mykan Iverson Stevens
08/20/10 07:11:54PM @logan-byars:
Hey there thnx for the add, how everything goin?

07/24/10 01:02:58PM @graphixfanatic:
hey gorgeous :) x

Connie Smith
07/19/10 06:10:19PM @andrew-shirley:
Why hello.. I was wonderin what u did to keep ur crocheted ones lookin good cuz I've crocheted a few times n they eventually come apart. They look decent now but I'm just wonderin what u did? :)

sabrina redmon
06/29/10 11:28:35PM @dorothy-campbell:
I like your music on here :)

06/29/10 10:41:02PM @juraj-petrik:
You're welcome Elle:) I love the words you used on your profile & just had to add! Thanks for accepting.

06/27/10 07:08:58PM @tainy303:
Badass song by the way haha Inner circle is pretty much awesome lol

06/27/10 03:42:38PM @tainy303:
Your dreads are awesome:) what do you do for maintenance?

anthony malette aka TMan
06/22/10 12:18:51PM @devin3:
cream pie?am i?ahakz!i've added u...when u usually be on ur msn?i'll be waiting you there

anthony malette aka TMan
06/19/10 09:45:41PM @devin3:
yeah..its trying to be tough passing my days...u have any msn, messenger?mind to give me ur id?

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