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Happiness is no more haircuts

By: ginger.rose
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I just had one of those moments... I just erased "Get a Haircut" off of my repeating to-do list, and had a little celebration. I have always hated getting haircuts, not only because no style fits me, but also because they wanted to still try and style my hair, no matter how much I said "no". They would try and put crap in it, too. They would also ALWAYS cut it shorter than I asked. Like I can't see the length of hair hitting the floor?No more salons, and no more salon attitude and ignorance. Yay!
12/02/12 08:40:20PM @coloursnrainbows:
I also hated getting my hair cut! It's the worst thing in the world! It never goes right! And now I will never have to do that again! Yay!!!

12/02/12 08:04:40AM @gingerrose:
I only had a cut scheduled for every 6 months because of that...

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