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Location: Pacifica, CA
Zipcode: 94044
Country: US


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GeekGirlPheebs Dreadlocks Vlog Natural Method - Day 3

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video file: 31.9MB, 00:06:37

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/10/11 02:40:15PM @soaring-eagle:


its amazing thatr u have so much..or any progress in just 3 days especialy with how much u play with it and run yoir hands througvh it haha i think you gotta sit on your hands and keep em out of it or tie u up and keep u from playin with i haha but somehow its still workin to see any progress so quickly ..u have suvch beautiful hair (and u r too) your dreads will be stunning when theyre fully dreaded

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