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Julie Ann
12/13/10 09:48:31AM
2 posts

Beginning Crochet Recovery....

Life Issues Facing Dreads

On Feb 1 of 2010, I began my dreadventure. I've been maintaining my dreads with a crochet hook. It wasn't until last week (thanks to soaring eagle) that I was FINALLY told the bad things that can do.

I wanted to let you all know that I have put down the hook and am going to let my babies do what they need to do instead of what I want them to. This is going to be a true act of "letting go" for me. I have control issues.

Adding to that a new journey I've already been making in the way of meditation and accepting my mediumship role in the universe, I feel like this will be the actual beginning of my dreadventure because it is a time of complete self-renewal. I thank you and am glad to have you all be a part of it. You have officially become my "support group".

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Julie Ann
12/08/10 12:15:37PM
2 posts

Flat Dreads??

Introduce Yourself

I was having the same problem. I'd crochet what I could to try to round it out then on the ones that were just too mature for it I put beads on. A lot of regular beads don't fit so you really have to search. I'd also have to wiggle pretty hard to get them on but once they are on... magic happens!Another thing I did was use some of the "friendship bracelet" thread and wrap the flattest part. You can get pretty creative with the design and it's fun. You have more control then with a bead. Any method you choose, don't fret, if your goal is round, they will get there. :o)
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