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dreadlocks shampoo

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08/03/11 11:46:18AM
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dreadlocks crochet recovery timeline

Saved Dreads Success Stories

Hi Bene!

I am a long boarder, too!

Thanks for posting this! They look great!I'm wondering if you ever took the time to remove the wax your loctician put in? I won't cut my locks, but I am inthe same situation as you -- where I am trying to grow them out completely naturally.

06/28/11 03:07:08PM
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new here!/wax removal aid

General Questions

hi everybody! I love you!

I have been looking at this site for quite some time now and finally became a member. my dreads' 1st birthday is coming up in july. they were done by backcomb/crochet method (i know.... i know) and i used wax twice (i know... i know...) within the 2 weeks after getting them done. then i found you guys and stopped! i also switched to the ACV/BkSda wash/soak once a week. i know there is still some wax in there and I am willing to invest in the bodysplash oil that everyone is hailing, however my concern is that because my dreads are so tight and thin that it will be hard to get the product really IN there to get the wax out. any comments or similar experiences? my dreads' width is about the size of half my pinky, so they are pretty small. will it just take a few rounds and soaking? i am willing to invest the time. any comments you have are greatly appreciated.

i've included 2 horrible photos so that you can (sort of..maybe) get the gist of what I've got.

also, is it cheaper for someone to sell the product to me or for me to buy it myself and become a member even though i' won't buy anything from that site after this (i don't buy stuff off the internet world, ever. but this time i make exception) let me know if it is and you can sell it to me :) i'm in bc, canada.

thank you, brothers and sisters.

peace and love--


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