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dreadlocks shampoo

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brooke blinebry
01/02/10 11:32:19AM
13 posts

Free dread beads to all members who want them

Dread Craft Show and Trade

if they are still around I would love a fue...hit me up!!!
brooke blinebry
01/02/10 11:29:19AM
13 posts

Nature and dreadlocks

General Talk

that is exactlly how i feel...for me it is more then a hair style its a life style..and its representing the way i am trying to live my life in whole. The fact that it is what your hair does naturaly is what makes them so beautiful...i think if more people felt this way they wouldnt be so concerned in speeding up the process. Love yourselfsoaringeagle said:
thats exactly whhat i always say..
and jester..
we have dreads because we are natural humans living as close to our natural way as possible..
dreads are the natural state of hair its whats nmeant to be when you stop all unnatural processes, thats why tio me unnatural processes like backcombing and crochet make no sence tro me for making what nature creates naturaly

(and beautifuly)
brooke blinebry
01/01/10 05:16:35PM
13 posts

[HELP] what is the best way for me to make my new growth knot up?

Dread Maintenance

Iam not sure what a dread purm is but if its what i think that is what is causing the dry scalp...maybe try to give your scalp back some oil with a natural tint-ture...tee-tree, lavender.sandlwood..whatever you like diluted in water. My hair is "silky" as you say..and the new growth is hard to keep tight...i find that a hat or bandanna on when i sleep helps them lock up fast. This is my third set and i think the best thing you can do is keep your hair healthy and strong.
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