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03/21/12 10:25:26PM
2 posts

My poor Scalp

Dreads Hair and Scalp Health

Namaste Soaring Eagle!

I ordered my first batch of liquid soap from the dreadlockshampoo company & am eager to try it out. Do I need to dilute it with anything? Or simply wash, naturally dry & leave it alone? I am a newbie at tall this, but after much research, I am going to go 100% natural & appreciate the virtue of patience that will come along with the journey :) You are awesome for starting this site SoaringEagle! And myinspiration!

03/21/12 10:11:17PM
2 posts

Why not to wear hats when natural dreading - my year and a half journy and the effect the hat had.

Saved Dreads Success Stories

SO if I wear my hair pulled back with a scarf on it while at work (as my dreads are just starting, less then a month ago) then as soon as I get home, they will be fine? Besides someseparatingof course?

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