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07/29/16 08:07:46AM
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Fozbees freeform timeline

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Hello everybody so somehow just realised there is this great section of the forum and thought I'd better get stuck in rather that just putting pictures up on to my profile home page!

I'm currently at the three week mark of the neglect process and things are going well!

A bit about me, I live in the Uk am 27 and currenty in a converted removal van having a bid for freedom!

So I'm hoping to do weekly updates but forgive me if I don't follow through as internet access may become rather spontaneous after the next week when were on the move again! (we have been staying outside my girlfriends work digs so have had actual if not slow internet for free!) plus there's that whole attention span thing..

so week one...


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07/27/16 09:41:29AM
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Finally committing to freeform journey

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Hey Ezekiel. A welcome to you from England, hair looks great, best of luck!
07/27/16 09:40:19AM
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Hey yall

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hello! a warm welcome from England! best of luck on your Journey!
07/20/16 04:40:24PM
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Another one

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Hello and welcome from England! love your introduction there, i wouldn't work about your writing style i Know a lot of people here who's writing is a lot worse!best of look with the locking!
07/20/16 12:18:32PM
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new here...

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Hello and welcome from England!
07/15/16 01:36:41PM
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Dread Maintenance

managed to get hold of some dr bronners yesterday, just washed my hair with it after a day o work, had to have my hair tied up, bad times! but yes lovely stuff, my beard has never felt so soft, i mean that literally its usually quite wiry even using lush kalamazoo and beard balm stuff, all thats out the window, finally a soap i can use all over!!no more separate this for hair this for beard this for body!! not sure on results as hair is drying but based on the beard, id fully recommend giving it a go! a lot less faffing around than the bs acv rinse too... well once id done all the measuring out...

interesting note on the air drying, not heard that before, but surely every animal and man for thousands of years has been "air drying his hair"

@soaring-eagle you say be gentle when drying, does this exclude whipping hair around like a metal head on ecstasy to "spin dry" the excess water out?
07/14/16 07:33:00AM
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Dread Maintenance


What about shampoo in the 

uk I can buy? Can you just wash with water?


hey I'm in the uk too and have been looking around, found out you can get dr bronners at holland and barret probably making it the only highstreet option... but theres the whole hard / soft water issue...

read loads about this and that natural soaps but can't get cross confirmation on any of them, just "should be fine" which aint good enough for me! :p

post back if you find something else, I'm in the same boat! 

another question on washing, being about a week into the au natural method is washing too often or rinsing too much when i do gonna rinse out my developing knots? i know clean hair knots faster but rinsing bs and acv out needs a thorough rinse and was worried its pulling em out..
07/13/16 09:19:40AM
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Dread shampoo that ships from the UK

Dread Maintenance

hmm they also have the tea tree so i may give that a go instead, unless anyone would advise otherwise? peppermint or tea tree?

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