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07/04/16 03:00:56AM
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Will this hair ever dread? Feeling frustrated

Dreadlocks Journey Emotional Support

My natural hair is very thick and curly, and before I started my dreads it felt like it would never stop tangling when I want it to, it isn't really haha. I've been going neglect for little over a year now, the front half of my head is pretty much completely undreaded, it's barely even starting. Like you I don't even know if it'll ever knot up but I don't really care so much anymore, even I want to be as natural as possible and if my hair wants to stay undreaded like that, then cool haha.

Try not to think about it so much, 2 months is still very early. Just accept your hair for what it is each day and stay excited for the future, hopefully our hairs start to knot up soon. :)

07/03/16 10:21:58AM
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Are these natural shampoo's going to be too oily and/or conditioning for dreadlocks?

Dread Products

As much as I'd love to use the products from, it's too pricey with international shipping involved and what not. I did however find a local company here in India that makes natural organic cosmetic products, some of which seem like they could work quite well for dreadlocks. I'm curious to try it out and I may do so depending on what you guys have to say but I'm unsure of some of the ingredients; if it'll condition my hair too much or make them too oily, do you think diluting it could help perhaps?.

I'm interested in the first one the "Olive Neem Shampoo", cause in India lice is quite common, in fact I'm battling them right now (and winning thankfully!) also it's can get crazy humid and if neem can protect from mildew and fungus like it says, that would be great.

What do you think, should I experiment with it or just stay away?

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