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Jenna Covington
10/13/11 09:28:49PM
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Mixing up the methods :)

General Questions

Alright, so about five or so weeks ago, I decided I wanted dreads! At first, I thought I would only get a few in the underside of my hair. After much research, I decided tnr would be the way to go. Basically, I feel in love with them, and kept adding more to my hair. I now have 26 tnr in my hair. After my parents and employer showed some acceptance to my pretty new dreads, I just want more and more! I've been on this site for a while now, it has helped me with SO much!Ok, so I haven't brushed my undreaded mane of hair in about a week, an I really want to go natural neglect up top! It looks awesome, and is locking up very fast :)So do you think I'll run into any problems if I leave my tnr dreads in? I really do love them the same, I just don't know how they will blend with my neglect!
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