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05/16/15 08:28:01PM
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Broken Damaged Hair from Seperation

Help! Save My Dreads

Well, I've made several bad mistakes. I'm on my second set of dreads, backcombed after combing out my previously backcombed hair.

This time around I got impatient with the thickness of my dreads and began combining quite a few.

Then they began to mature, and as they did they started to cause a lot of pain and unnecessary tension. Out of some sort of subconscious impulse I began to tear them apart by finding the separated roots and tearing up to the ball of dread at the top. With some blistering on my fingers I managed to completely tear quite a few dreads apart leaving one long with a clump on the end and another significantly shorter, torn dread.

Will my hair repair itself? Will my dreads ever look uniform(ish) and healthy? Am I better off buzzing my hair off and grown it back out without ever touching a comb?

this is where I'm at now.
image.jpg image.jpg - 298KB

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