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09/17/11 12:37:26PM
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super clean dreads (safe for baby locks too)

Dread Maintenance

How often should I be doing the baking soda / acv wash? I just started the natural dread process a bit less than a month ago and used Dr. Bronners a few times to ween myself off of showering every day, and switched to doing baking soda every 2-3 days... I've done it once or twice following up with the ACV wash, but usually do it as just baking soda + essential oils, leave in, and rinse well... I feel like my hair and scalp are starting to dry, however. Should I be washing more regularly with Dr. Bronners and occasionally doing a baking soda/ACV wash "as needed" or is it an okay method to do pretty regularly?

08/30/11 01:19:59PM
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Starting the natural dread process.... a question about hair length

General Questions

Howdee folks,I'm planning on starting the "neglect" natural dread method, my first time attempting attempting to dread my hair. Right noww my hair is naturally straight/wavy and down to the small of my back. In the past I have gone without brushing it for longish periods of time and noticed it knots up pretty quick, but I'm worried that at this length, even if I rip knots apart to try to prevent it that I will instead end up with one large dread rather than several smaller ones. Does anyone have advice on dreading very long hair or a good length for starting young dreads?(I aplogize for any mistakes in this post or if it is misplaced as I'm having a hard time navigating thru my phone since Irene knocked out my campus internet....)
updated by @cam: 01/13/15 09:09:19PM
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