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Anthony Armstrong
12/03/14 11:52:52AM
1 posts

Sections and separation

Dread Maintenance

Not sure about the seperating as mine were started muuuuch shorter when I began to neglect... But after 1 year my sections are just fine (after much work seperating and letting them find their own places) and I have a head full of happy dreads....BUT...around my ears and around the back of my neck are loose as ever.I wash every second day and just a rinse on odd days (and wash behind my ears and neck whenever I have the chance, thinking that would help), but aside from one little guy that I braided and let dreaded, those areas remain loose. I guess maybe the small amount of hair is no match for the oily areas no matter what the effort. Either way.... I've given up and chose to accept and try to not let the lose areas bother me when they tickle my face lol
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