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Drew W


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Locks in the Office

By Drew W, 2011-10-06

My Locks' 3rd Birthday is coming up this month. I've given up crochet for around about a year and have been using the baking soda method for about 6 months and things are generally going pretty good.

I had a little issue recently when starting a new job. They were cool about my Dreads when I was interviewed and I asked if it would be possible to wear a head scarf or headwrap and they told me it was ok. They usually don't allow any head gearwhere Iwork. I find that I have a lot of loose hair and that a simple head band, scarf, or head wrap makes me look more tidy and presentable in an office environment too.After the first couple of weeks I was told to takeoff my head wearby the HR manager. I have since spoken tothe HR departmentand explained that the reason I grow my hairthe wayI do, and the reason why I cover my head (crown in particular)in public or crowded places(except sometimesoutdoors, orwhen relaxing) is due to spiritual reasons. That has appeared to do the trick and they have left me alone... for now at least.

I try to keep the scarves etc a neutral colour (Black, grey or white) so that they look professional and don't draw attention to themselves. I am considering making a black tam for winter and am wondering if they will allow this with it being an actualhat. It remains to be seen, but hopefully they'll dig it.

I was wondering if anybody else out there has had any similar experiences with Locks and the workplace? or if anyone has any tips for fellow Dreadies on Rockin' the Locks at work?

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