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Solace of the Solitary

Star Gryphon
6 years ago
190 posts

love it Baba!

To the Original poster....this is beautiful and well written. :)

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viktar kartel
6 years ago
1 posts
hi everyone.i agree with you because since i started my lock journey i have gained alot of courage and happiness in life.a brief history about my locks.i first loved dreadlocks and new there was something hidden in them when i was 5years,i told my mum i wanted dreads on my hair but as expected with any parent she refused at that time.7 years later something again happen and one friday as i was coming home from school i got lost because it was too dark and i feared 4 my life and at that time i was tired and decided i should take a rest on the streets veranda.only 4 me to fall asleep and i remember i had taken lunch and had no money to by myself food.i was lucky because there is this rasta who saw me and came to my rescue although i cant remember him clearly since i was young but the impact he gave on me was great and even made me desire and have more passion to have locks be like him and be willing to help everyone who requires my help and am in a position to do so,he gave me food that he had,and covered me with his only blanket and taught me good things that could help me in real life,he taught me to do what my conscious told me was right since its the only weapon that can rebel against my decisions.the following morning i woke up and he was not there and had left and i was able to trace my way home,my parents had been looking 4 me and were worried.after 3 months i told my mum i would like to have dreads but she refused again and i persisted and was only able to convince her but on condition that firsti should study hard and go to university and thats when she would support me when i dread my hair,i kept my part of the bargain and she too has kept hers.i never knew what other people would say about my decision to keep dreads until i put them on and started receiving both positive and negative comments about my lifestyle and i enjoy having them and the fact that people would not put off their eyes from my hair whenever i talk to them,many wonder how hair could lock like that on their own,but its though the help of this site that i have achieved my dream,thankyou!!!so when i decided to put on dreadlocks my consious told me it was right and i have no regrets.
6 years ago
7 posts

I am by myself also on this dread journey. No one that Im around understands this passion I have for dreads. I look at SE dreads and it is overwhelming how beauiful and spiritual he is. Nothing is going to stop me, I am sooo glad I found this site. Blessed be

Zach C.
5 years ago
39 posts
That was beautiful, you have a way with words.
4 years ago
32 posts

I know this is an old thread but I just wanted to add a couple things. I don't think it's so much a bandwagon effect at this site, it's just that spiritual people are drawn to this site rather than DHHQ or other sites. The energy here is more in alignment with us. I can only speak for myself when I say that but I think others would agree. All natural locks is a major theme here and I think many spiritual people would rather go natural (like me!) than go to some salon.

As for the debate, great points have been made but ultimately it's silly to debate spirituality. People feel what they feel. Science is great and all, but it isn't perfect and it doesn't know all there is to be known. As for me, I've experienced things that science can't put under the microscope and I don't need science to affirm any of it.

Here's a funny fact: Ren Descartes, the founder of modern science, began his path after having a dream in which an angel said to him,

"The conquest of nature is to be accomplished through number and measure."


3 years ago
2 posts

With you Snick Happy

Arkynstone GypsyFae
3 years ago
37 posts

I couldn't have said it better.  I was just thinking much the same thing over the last couple of weeks.  I've noticed that while I haven't been 100% carefree, I've been able to better deal with the daily junk and work stress.  I've stopped worrying about what people think when they see my dreads in a medical office and worrying whether something will be said.  I still have plenty of the journey to go as I am only 16 months in, but the changes inside are happening in synch with the visible changes on the outside.  :)  

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